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Branding + Print + Marketing + Digital

ELBP launched as an LDA-funded business brokerage service to promote networks between suppliers and buyers across the 10 Thames Gateway boroughs in the build-up to the London 2012 Games. Phage developed a brand for them that was both professional and friendly, promoting their face to face service — a key selling point — through the use of storytelling and case studies, and appealing to SME suppliers as well as large corporate buyers.

An image library was commissioned to promote a consistent photographic style and brand message across all marketing and communication materials, featuring recognisable landmarks from the 10 boroughs, and in particular, references to the development work taking place in the build-up to the Games.

In addition, a series of shoots were commissioned of local businesses, organisations, and policy-makers, building a picture of the energy and diversity of the local area.

The new website was designed around a strong integration between on- and off-line mediums, such as an e-news template, an online as well as a printed newsletter, and an events noticeboard.

The geography of the project was also an important differentiator and the new logo incorporated a river design representing each of the boroughs, providing a further means of brand recognition across a range of printed and digital platforms.