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ShowcaseDesign Council—Beyond 2012

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Branding, event, print, web, animation

The Design Council commissioned Phage to develop the visual language for an ambitious new initiative aimed at celebrating the role of design in the successful delivery of London 2012, and raising the profile of British designers amongst UK and international audiences.

London 2012 was the first time that a truly integrated approach was taken to the design of an Olympic and Paralympic Games, with lots of smaller teams and specialists working together in its delivery. It was important that this was communicated through the visual identity; Drawing on the key themes of connectivity, transformation, and narrative, we came up with a brand designed to be fluid and changeable; Six blocks of colour, representing five design disciplines plus the Design Council, were joined to create a form that becomes ‘more than the sum of its parts’, animated and evolving.

The name itself, Beyond 2012, is positive and forward-looking, with a variable strapline enabling greater specificity within design sectors, and the highlighting of key messages.

The look and feel successfully captured the energy and visual impact of the Games, and worked across a wide range of mediums for the launch event overlooking the Olympic stadium, including projections of the animated form across the event space, title sequences for a series of short films, print materials, and a Beyond 2012 web hub showcasing all the Olympic design stories collected to date.