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Branding + Print

Fifteen year old design practice Jill Scholes Interior Design tasked Phage with updating their online portfolio and visual identity to more accurately reflect their design style and personality.

Maintaining the essence of the original brand, we updated and refreshed the Jill Scholes logo, introducing colour and secondary brand elements to soften the overall look and bring it in line with the practice style.

In addition to stationery, a multi-purpose folder and design templates were designed that could be put together in-house for case study and credentials presentations.

The folder also doubled up as a holder for client drawings and proposals, while the new website made great use of space to show off the practice portfolio, as well as featuring an area for posting news and products from the practice’s JSID collection.

The work established a more professional image for the practice and better communicated their design style to potential clients. Flexible and multi-purpose print solutions that could be tailored in-house cost-effectively delivered brand consistency throughout the practice’s entire client process, while the website more effectively promoted commission-based work while providing a vehicle to test market a new product range.