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Branding + Digital

Chalet Janluke in Switzerland’s Four Valleys is a luxury new-build ski chalet. Phage was appointed to position the design of the project to appeal to a high-income target audience, designing a website to market the chalet, and brand elements for use in situ throughout the property.

Combining traditional and modern materials, techniques, and styles, Chalet Janluke remodels elements found in traditional Swiss chalets in a contemporary way. This blend of old and new was carried through to the visual identity, with a typographic style and colour palette evocative of 1950s Swiss tourist board posters combined with a fresh, graphic, snowflake pattern.

The pattern forms the foundation of the brand system, composed of individual designs that interlock and build up around the logo in fractal arrangements reminiscent of frost patterns on glass. These snowflake compositions were applied to frosted glass, exterior signage, and wooden window shutters, as well as to marketing materials.

The work successfully positioned Chalet Janluke as a destination holiday location for the design-conscious premium market while applied elements across the interior and exterior reinforced the brand image while solving practical issues of privacy, safety, and lighting.