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Branding + Print + Digital

Award-winning architectural practice Papa came to Phage with a brief to design their new brochure and website; We took a broader look at their marketing as a whole, their work, and their target audiences.

The confident new identity we ended up designing for them combined structural block type with an elegant modern serif and used a range of materials and production finishes to more effectively communicate Papa’s design-led approach and high quality built work to potential and existing clients.

Instead of a traditional brochure, the practice profile was designed so that it could be easily tailored in-house to appeal to different commercial and residential clients, with case study cards that could be cost-effectively added as new projects were completed.

A beautiful new portfolio website completed the package to ensure that all communication avenues were on-brand and provided maximum impact.

By establishing the need for a re-brand and adjusting the scope accordingly the work delivered higher impact and value for money and was able to more accurately communicate Papa’s approach to existing and new business contacts. The flexible case study pack led to a more focused and effective marketing approach as well as reducing brochure printing costs long-term.