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Branding + Digital

High-end interior designer Sally Dernie established her career in London, but with an expanding and maturing client base in the Home Counties and overseas, she came to Phage for help in repositioning the practice image.

Phage worked with Sally to establish the extent to which her existing brand needed to evolve and then designed a complete brand transition to reflect the practice’s shift in direction and target audience, with a new corporate identity including logo, stationery, and website.

Each item was carefully crafted to create a luxurious, eclectic feel, with premium finishes and printing techniques, such as the die-cut scalloped edge on the company stationery, combining with metallic inks and warm colours to reinforce the richness of the brand.

The work effectively repositioned the practice to appeal to Sally’s new client base without alienating existing clients, while the rich colour palette and range of technical print finishes supported the practice’s own visual style.