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ShowcaseWearing Glass

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Event identity + print + marketing + brochure

Wearing Glass was a commercial exhibition of designer glass jewellery and art pieces at OXO Tower Wharf in London, and the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

Phage were commissioned to work on the exhibition identity and event marketing materials, and to design a coffee-table book to accompany the work on sale.

With many unusual pieces in the exhibition our recommendation was to show the jewellery in the context of how it was worn so that potential buyers could understand the more ambiguous pieces. It was therefore important to display work on figures rather than traditional jewellery stands.

Rather than use a live model Phage commissioned a custom mannequin for this purpose, which was then lit and photographed against a dark background to showcase the glass to stunning effect. Deep black textured stocks were used for the print, along with delicate copper foiled type, creating an overall look that oozed luxury and glamour.

By establishing the need to show exhibits in context otherwise ambiguous pieces could be easily understood, while the seductive photography evoked the title of the exhibition and gave the campaign its edge.